Hollywood Stars Sign Up to Exclusive UK ‘Have Guru’ Travel Service


Hollywood stars sign up with interest for the latest across the pond service offered by Fit4 THE PART, an addition to the popular ‘Have Guru Travel’ package.  This is yet another unique service offered by UK Celebrity Fitness guru Jon Trevor. In collaboration with Jayjay Epega who runs Epegamedia which works in conjunction with talented individuals and innovative companies to meet the demands of a constantly changing media world, this service was designed by Jon to meet the demands of artistes travelling to the UK, providing practical and reassuring solutions for international clients who wish to maintain their health and fitness under professional guidance.

Continuing a duty of care Jon Trevor will liaise with a client’s health professional or personal trainer back home to provide informed and continued programme maintenance while in the UK, this exclusive across the pond service can be provided at a client’s residence or alternative locations, a popular request is in the comfort and privacy of a hotel suite, many clients have experienced Jon’s unique training solutions in some of London’s most prestigious hotels, including The Lanesborough in Knightsbridge, the Soho Hotel and also at the Savoy London.

Join Jon Trevor’s exclusive green room at : http://fit4thepart.com/green-room-clients/

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