Susan Osman, Broadaster and a Woman of Wonder

 Feature by Jon Trevor

I have long been a fan of the well-known television presenter and recognisable voice, Susan Osman who is an experienced broadcaster in both Television and Radio, having worked in numerous fields of journalism: news, current affairs, consumer affairs and business news for both BBC and ITV.  A vocal voice in the media arena, she has been outspoken about the mistreatent of women in the industry, in particular as they get older , compared to the treatment given to men in the business. 

So after many years on the BBC network, Susan moved to China where she was asked to devise a new live daily radio Breakfast Show for China Radio International (CRI) in Beijing. The programme, The Beijing Hour with Susan Osman was transmitted live in China, Australia and America and then was translated on line into 62 languages and had an estimated audience of over 30 million listeners worldwide.  During her time in Beijing, she also presented and produced television programmes for China’s only privately owned television station, Blue Ocean Network (BON)for the American market.  Susan has been very popular and is constantly in demand: chairing debates, lecturing, and running workshops. More recently, Susan has been invited to become Professor of Communication and Leadership by the prestigious Communication University of China, teaching China’s political leaders and professional broadcasters.


Very unusually Susan Osman was ordained in 2005 as an Interfaith Minister with the interfaith seminary based in London. The One Spirit Interfaith Seminary’s origins go back to 1981 when The New Seminary was founded in New York in the states by Rabbi Joseph Gelberman. As an interfaith minister. Susan embraces all religions and beliefs, believing there are many ways to demonstrate our love for  the divine. She is a teacher of spirituality rather than religion, encouraging the individual to find the way that suits them, as opposed to a prescribed way or one set out by traditional religions..

Susan believes it is important to embrace all faiths and creeds and that no one should be excluded from finding the path that suits them, even if the path has not yet presented itself.  Did you know that as an Interfaith Minster Susan writes the services: funerals, weddings, baby namings for the person and families so, every service is individually tailored and unique.

Ms Osman never stands still, in 2009 Susan founded Rainbows End Foundation a charity set up to encourage spiritual questioning and the healing of our past hurts, as part of the foundation, The Forgiveness Project was established. The Forgiveness Project is a weekend retreat that allows us as individuals, and also groups, to begin to understand the true nature of forgiveness.  Through a series of exercises, meditations and inspired teachings The Forgiveness Project encourages a deeper understanding of what it means to forgive. To enquire as to what is that is stopping us from letting go of our stories of hurt, that ultimately do not serve us, or allow us to live in the present and experience the power of now, allowing us to recreate  our lives and ourselves anew.

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