Taking Hollywood : Seductive, dangerous, utterly compelling


This is an Exclusive Feature for The Luxury Channel


RossGerardTaking Hollywood : Seductive, dangerous, utterly compelling.

We were delighted to accept an invitation to London’s Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Knightsbridge to meet Mr L.A. himself Ross King, best known as the top Showbiz Correspondent on Good Morning Britain, a man we are accustomed to seeing grilling A-List Celebrities on the red carpet from the Academy Awards, The Grammys to the Golden Globes. He was joined by writer and childhood friend Shari Low who over the last decade, has written up to thirteen novels which have been published in the UK and internationally, including those written under the pseudonyms Ronni Cooper (Rock Chicks and Manhattan) and Millie Conway.

They told us exclusively about their new collaboration – “Taking Hollywood – One Fateful Night. A Lifetime of Lies. The Ultimate Scandal”, which took less than a year to put together! Having been friends for so many years, there was a lot of ease working with each other to the extent that they even came up with the pseudonym “Shari King” – to use as the name of the writer for the book.

“Taking Hollywood” is set in the contrasting worlds of Scotland and LA, the action revolves around three main characters, Mirren, Zander and Davie, childhood friends from Scotland who have all made it big and are living the dream in Hollywood, but there are dark secrets behind how they got there. It is such a rollercoaster read and really does take you on a journey to the gritty inside world of fame, celebrity and all the glamour behind tinsel town, all that is LA . Ross said, “Look, Shari and I really wanted to write a book that we would read ourselves, something that we believed in and something that everyone can enjoy”.
One of Ross’s best friends from his early days in Scotland is Hollywood Superstar Gerard Butler who has endorsed the book, so it is no surprise that people may wonder if the characters Davie, Mirren or Zander are based on people he rubs shoulders with daily in Hollywood? Indeed people they know? Shari and Ross both agree that some of the stories in there really did happen, characters are elements of different people including themselves, we will all just have to read the book to find out more, and can even look forward to a sequel.
To top it all, they have also garnered support from acclaimed writers like Jackie Collins and Martina Cole who said “It’s a glam, edgy thriller. Just the way I like them”

The book is released mid August in the UK, available at all good bookstores and also on Amazon : http://www.amazon.co.uk/Taking-Hollywood-Shari-King/dp/1447255003

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