Enter The Prince : Exclusive Blanck Magazine Feature : Q & A with EMC3 London CEO Baba Jallah Epega

This Article was exclusively put together for Blanck Magazine : http://www.blanckdigital.com/

Babaj1Baba-Jallah Epega, who has the title of “Prince” is the Chief Executive Officer of EMC3 http://www.emc3.eu . He is an ex banker and mathematician, who has become one of the UK’s foremost event organisers and marketing maestros. The EMC3 acronym stands for Events, M for Marketing; the three Cs are Creative Experiences, Conferencing and Concierge.


Baba pictured with Michael Fassbender

The company looks after great global names, have networks across the world, organising conferences and major events for super brands like LinkedIn, Cartier, Universal, Google, World Economic Forum, Condé Nast, Virgin, across to other companies like Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas and Yahoo. The head offices have been based in London for the past 15 years, with outlets now expanding to the US, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. He confesses to being a bit of an adrenaline junkie, and thinks nothing of flying his own plane or going diving in Egypt, Dubai or Zanzibar.

Blanck Magazine caught up with Baba and put some burning questions to him.

What would a stroll down memory lane be like for Baba Epega? Chequered, undulating and fantastical whilst still sticking to the yellow brick road.

What is your favourite part of your job? Meeting interesting people from all around the world who wish to attain their dreams.

What advice, tips would you give to people interested in working in the events and marketing industry? Do your research well, to attain your niche and find at least 2 clients before you jump ship.

babasealBaba pictured with Seal and Ozwald Boateng

How do you compare business in Nigeria, the UK and the US? Love them all but they are polars apart – Nigeria is now the real Wild West, UK is the still the stoic Old Country and USA is the land that time has almost forgotten!
Your Royal title, what are its origins? In Nigeria, my blessed Mother Ibiene”Ibby” ( May she rest in divine and eternal peace) was a Princess from the House of Ijallah, Itsekiri tribe – Delta State – on her Mother Princess Hannah Jallah’s side (which as a male offspring I inherited) and from the Okrika Royal House of Adoki in Rivers State on her father’s side whilst my dear Father Dr Benjamin Epega is from the Anunleru Ruling House Ode Remo in Ogun State.


Baba pictured with his late mother Ibby Adoki-Epega 1970s

What is your idea of perfect happiness? Christmas with my Family and the love of my life Osamede Isibor also known as Composer/Singer The Venus Bushfires, Flying


Baba takes flight

What is your favourite journey/destination? A Hot Air Balloon through Kenya and Tanzania to Zanzibar for a Scuba Dive or four! whilst eating guava and reminiscing on my past life there.
What do you most value in your friends? Their candour and advice on taming my past excessive lifestyle.

Who is your favourite actor/actress? Actually it’s a musician!! Jimi Hendrix because on the stage he was a demi-God.

Who is the relative of yours that went to Hollywood in the golden era? Pa Orlando Martins our Great Uncle, you can read up a bit more about him on : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orlando_Martins

He was the first full Nigerian to make it in Hollywood, via the UK and then US ! He acted with legends like Bob Hope (in ‘Call Me Bwana’), Robert Mitchum (in ‘Mr Moses’) and Ronald Reagan (in ‘Hasty Heart’), amongst several others, in the 1940’s. Although I only knew my Great Uncle for a few years he was a lovely inspiration to us all.

Who is your favourite hero of fiction? Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory – as in Gene Wilder’s – sorry Johnny!

Who are your heroes in real life? Nelson Mandela “Madiba” , Martin Luther King Jnr, Sun Tzu and Shaka Zulu

What are your favourite names? Why? Agamemnon, because he was a warrior King that excelled and Nefertiti because she was a smoking Nubian Queen that ruled!

What are your plans for the next few years? The betterment of Nigeria for all Nigerians and friends whilst having a few kids with my belle….

How can we find out more about EMC3, its events and activities? Go to our international website http://www.emc3.com.ng for more information and do follow us on Twitter : https://twitter.com/EMC3London

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