Loving the New!


Loving the new with Fykaa Caan : LifeStyle & Social Affairs Editor
Hollywood : London Magazine

New things
Change is refreshing, so my advice to all of you is to do something different at least once a month. I personally have incorporated a wish list of things that I haven’t done, would like to do and make time to do them. They do not have to be purse and card breaking but even if it’s something new and small from experience the feeling of satisfaction and taking control back helps make people feel like they have a new sense of satisfaction.

Enjoy Life
Live life to the max, In terms of a relationship breakup help yourself see the positive side by treating yourself to do all the things you like but your partner didn’t this will remind you of what you were giving up during the relationship and what you have now gained.
Treat yourself when you have finished a task as this will help train your brain to want to complete tasks and see them through

We all want to live happy and fulfilling lives and we want the people we love to be happy too. So happiness matters to all of us. Happiness is about our lives as a whole; it includes the fluctuating feelings we experience everyday but also our overall satisfaction with life. It is influenced by our genes, upbringing and our external circumstances – such as our health, our work and our financial situation. But crucially it is also heavily influenced by our choices – our inner attitudes, how we approach our relationships, our personal values and our sense of purpose
Emotional wellbeing is not the absence of emotions, but it is your ability to understand the value of your emotions and use them to move your life forward in positive directions. A useful definition of emotional wellbeing is offered by the Mental Health Foundation: ‘A positive sense of wellbeing which enables an individual to be able to function in society and meet the demands of everyday life; people in good mental health have the ability to recover effectively from illness, change or misfortune.’
Everyday emotional well-being also involves identifying, building upon, and operating from your strengths rather than focusing on fixing problems or weaknesses. The better you are able to master your emotions, the greater your capacity to enjoy life, cope with stress, and focus on important personal priorities.
What kind of benefits can you expect?
Some benefits of gaining greater emotional well-being include knowing that your needs are important and that you deserve to have a life where you feel happy and secure. As you achieve emotional balance, you are able to identify your heart’s desires, take positive action, and make changes in your life.
With emotional well-being, you can experience:
o Healing – from stress, anxiety, depression, grief, and other issues
o Change – to transform unhelpful patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving
o Self-confidence – as you gain trust and belief in yourself
o Growth – to live more authentically
Leave worry, stress, and despair behind as you learn to lead your life with vision, inspired action, and an inner state of creativity. Emotional freedom is your ability to connect with your body and utilise emotions, feelings, senses, and intuition to guide you into an empowered alignment with purpose.
The key to a happy and healthy life
The years of childhood, adolescence, young adulthood and then in to adulthood are ones of upheaval, change, and growth. How you meet the challenges of these years will to some extent determine your future life. Learning the skills needed to handle emotional problems will give you a foundation of mental and emotional health. Emotional health has many aspects. Put simply, it is based on self-esteem-how you feel about yourself-and behaviour that is appropriate and healthy. Someone who is emotionally healthy:
o Understands and adapts to change
o Copes with stress
o Has a positive self-concept
o Has the ability to love and care for others
o Can act independently to meet his or her own needs

Everyone, including people who are emotionally healthy have problems. Emotionally healthy people are able to adjust to and solve problems, and in doing so they help others as well as themselves to get satisfaction out of life.

Building your emotional wellbeing
There is more to building emotional wellness than just mastering your daily moods. Observe your daily RESPONSE or REACTIONS to life. It speaks volumes of your emotional health. You will come to know if you are building a life or a hell to your personal well-being and future. It is like a deep well. When the water is clean, it gives life to everyone who drinks from it. When the water becomes toxic overtime, it is not only hazardous to everyone’s health but also corrodes the well overtime beyond repair.
Building emotional wellness is a commitment to listening and becoming fully aware of what is going on inside you in relation to your physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being. It involves observing your actions or reactions and tracing its causes or roots deep within you to finding your underlying unhappiness. You follow the feelings of your reactions and feel deep within you as you ask intently why you behave and feel the way you do. Such an approach to building emotional wellness is intense, demands alertness and a keen awareness of your thoughts and feelings.

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