Olympic and Paralympic Heroes ParadeTasha Danvers the 2008 Olympic Medalist , University of Southern California Hall of Famer and NCAA Champion who has had a superlative 20 year career in athletics calls Los Angeles home.
One of only two women in her country to reach the pinnacle of the podium in the 400m Hurdles, the two-time Olympian’s success was not without arduous challenge having encountered vast unjust public scrutiny for being selected to the Olympic team in addition to repeated injury and a surprise pregnancy.   Facing insurmountable adversity, Ms. Danvers endured the set backs and hardships to deliver a motivational triumph converting potential into the maximum achievement!
Ms. Danvers has turned her hand to endeavour to encourage audiences to maximize their potential and aspire to realize personal and professional goals and dreams via her captivating presentation of her life’s story encapsulating her remarkable “journey of a 1,000 steps!”
After catching our breaths in great admiration of her achievements, we asked her what her 5 favourite things to do in Los Angeles were!

TASHA DANVERS’ : 5 ( active! ) things She likes to do in Los Angeles :

1. She likes to go to Kenneth Hahn Park
Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area, or Hahn Park, is a state park unit of California in the Baldwin Hills of Los Angeles. The park is managed by the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation.

2. Her favourite cinema is AMC Marina 6 Dine-in theatre she loves it there!
Open to guests 21 and older, this dine-in theater offers digital projection, reserved seating, luxury recliners, and swivel tables in each auditorium, along with dinner and bar service.

3. Culver City stairs
Culver City Stairs are an outdoor staircase designed into the trails leading up to the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook. The street address for the park is 6300 Hetzler Road, Culver City, California 90232.

4. Tamescal Canyon
Temescal Canyon Loop offers a good workout along with ocean and canyon views. Temescal Gateway Park is situated just off Sunset Blvd in the Pacific Palisades, and this convenient urban location makes Temescal Canyon Loop a very popular hike.

Runyon Canyon
Runyon Canyon Los Angeles. Runyon Canyon is a 160-acre park smack dab in the heart of everything – a stone’s throw away from the historic Hollywood strip …

5. LA things like Song-Writing, Acting and of course going to the gym!

Learn more about Tasha here :


Follow Tasha on Twitter : https://twitter.com/tashadanvers

Words by Jon Trevor : https://twitter.com/JonTrevor

Los Angeles information by Jayjay Epega : https://twitter.com/DGirlJay


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