Experience Hemingway and Ava Gardner’s Cuba

Ernest Hemingway, Mary Hemingway, Ava Gardner in Cuba

“Trapped in a time-warp, Cuba is like a prince in a poor man’s coat. Behind the sometimes shabby facades, gold dust lingers.” –

We are taken to a land where time has stood still – evoking the era of Ernest Hemingway and Ava Gardner’s time there….enjoy this special report.. Vamos !

Thank you to Yewande Epega – our Guest Writer for this special story on her trip to Cuba!


We all want to get away for “Winter Sun” but without exception, it should be an escape that is sun soaked and culturally stimulating for all the senses.



Above :  A room in Hemingway’s house in Havana where Ava Gardner slept

On arriving in Havana at the José Martí International Airport, one is welcomed by long queues… However, the polite and weary customs officers examine and stamp the passports after the usual litany of questions.


The Cubans are a gracious and highly educated population. There are a number of hotels including Casa De La Familia in Havana, but as a creature of comfort, ……(*continues below)

…..  I usually opt for Hotels with a swimming pool, free wifi and a hearty breakfast included in the price.   Staying at the newly renovated NH Capri Hotel in Vendado (formerly owned by Meyer Lansky and his “associates” of the US mafia taking advantage of the The Hotel law 2070 enacted by Baptista in 1955),  I was offered a glimpse into the past splendour of the 1950s – and then Two blocks away is Hotel Nacional,  which has 19 storeys with a swimming pool that must be seen.

It’s highly recommended that one takes in a tour on the Tourist bus (yes I know – very cliched) but it gives you an overview of places to visit in Havana (La Habana in spanish).

If you enjoy music, the sound of La Habana is everywhere for one to enjoy.

The Cubans love their music and will very willing serenade one and all with sounds of the Buena Vista Social Club, Santaria music (Yoruba mythology strongly influenced by Catholicism) and Orishas dressed in white.

Experience Cuba for yourself :  http://www.lonelyplanet.com/cuba


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