Susan Osman’s Magnificent Seven Hotels

Susan Osman has had a superlative career in broadcasting that has spanned over 30 years. She is a well-known television presenter and recognisable voice,  in both Television and Radio, has woked with both the BBC and ITV, and also hosted a live daily radio Breakfast Show for China Radio International (CRI) in Beijing. The programme, The Beijing Hour with Susan Osman was transmitted live in China, Australia and America and then was translated on line into 62 languages and had an estimated audience of over 30 million listeners worldwide.

Susan pictured with Susan Boyle
Alongside her broadcasting work, Susan is also a spiritual teacher and inspirational speaker. As an ordained interfaith minister, she officiates at services and provides spiritual counselling.


Once when I went to a very smart wine tasting I asked the sommelier what his favourite bottle of wine was and he replied that it was not the wine itself, but the people you shared it with and the occasion which makes the wine memorable. I think that’s the same with hotels. What makes them special is the occasion and who you were with at the time. So these hotels are some of my favourite hotels, as I have had such happy times there.

1) Ritz -London
The first time I went to the Ritz was when I celebrated my 21st birthday. I had afternoon tea with my family and friends and had the most delicious cakes and sandwiches. A pianist playing soothing music, magnificent flowers and elegant surroundings-like stepping back in time. The hotel is very special and I have had some wonderful times there.
2) La Residencia – Majorca
Majorca is one of my favourite places. Along the west coast of the island lies Deja, a village where Robert Graves, the poet and writer once lived. The village attracts poets and artists from across the world and has a wonderful atmosphere. There is the Robert Graves’s outdoor theatre and secluded bays for swimming and more importantly there is La Residencia hidden in the mountains. It has a great pool and spa in idyllic settings with a fantastic outside terrace and one of the most romantic indoor restaurants. I once joked to a boyfriend, if ever you want to propose, this is the place to do it.
3) Danielli – Venice
Wonderful Venice with its rich colours and extraordinary water ways and river taxis. St Mark’s square with the outdoor orchestras and the Galileo tower and the marvellous architecture of St Mark’s itself. There is so much history and culture with wonderful hotels and restaurants. However, my favourite hotel has to be the Danielli with its extraordinary interiors and lavish furnishings. The best bit of the Danielli is the roof terrace which has an absolutely wonderful view of Venice which is unforgettable.

4) Mnemba Bay hotel – Zanzibar
As a member of the writers Guild I got to attend an award’s ceremony one year with my writing partner and everyone on our dinner table had won a prize. I jokingly said, well, maybe we might at least win a prize in the raffle? The top prize was a two week safari to Tanzania and Zanzibar. Well, to our astonishment we won and part of our safari trip was a three day visit to Zanzibar which was magical. One of the hotels we stayed at was Mnemba Bay which overlooked the sea which rocked us to sleep. The beach was caster sugar white and we swung in hammocks discussing life and sipping fresh coconut juice from large coconuts. Bliss.

5) Ngorongoro Crater Lodge – Tanzania
Ngorongoro crater is the so called seat of humanity and sits on the edge of the Serengeti park. This was another hotel we got to stay in when we won the two week safari trip. We had some extraordinary experiences. Following the lions, watching the elephants and been driven around in an open top jeep searching out wildlife and being reminded of our humanity. We visited the Serengeti Park and sat and ate our supper by a camp fire and after a few days of camping out we were a little bit dusty. So by the time we arrived at the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge we were in need of a bath and sunk into crisp white cotton sheets and ahd the best night’s sleep. In the morning the views were absolutely stunning overlooking the Ngorongoro Crater.
6) Aman Summer Palace – Beijing
Having been a Television and radio presenter for over thirty years I decided to make a change and go and work in Beijing in China where I launched, hosted and edited a live daily radio news programme, The Beijing Hour with Susan Osman. It was broadcast daily at 7 am so I had to start work at 5am and get up at 3.30am which was quite a tiring schedule and to sustain such a timetable I needed to relax as much as possible when I could. The Aman Summer Palace was a haven where I could swim, have massages and sit outside by the lake, sipping tea and listening to the zither being played. It was a wonderful antidote to all my hard work.

7) Eden Roc –Cannes    Once a year in May, there is the Cannes International Film Festival which is probably one of the most glamorous events that I have been to. Every day film enthusiasts, dressed in tuxedos and long dresses climb the red carpeted steps of the Palais des Festival on the Croisette to watch films from across the world. In the evening there are wonderfully extravagant parties laid on by distributors and sales agents. One of the venues for such parties is the Eden Roc hotel at Cap d’Antibes just outside Cannes. The hotel attracts movie stars, directors and producers from across the world and as a result it has an exclusive luxury. The hotel has incredible gardens leading down to the sea where luxury liners moor and you feel anything is possible. Isn’t that what life is about to dream? And isn’t that what hotels help us to do? Escape from reality for a while?

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