Have a kickass attitude Like Christian Grey

Hollywood London’s LifeStyle & Social Affairs Editor Fykaa Caan wants you to have a Kickass Attitude in 2015

Mind cleanse
The key here is to clear your head. If you are trying to get your head around a problem take the time to get away from it. Go for a walk, have a bath. It will give you the valuable subconscious insight. Don’t think about the issue deliberately it will cause anxiety. Just give your brain time to process and the outcome will be more positive.

Embrace change with a do it kick ass attitude.
Don’t get overwhelmed with everything, to be honest that just stresses you out even more. It can feel like a huge mountain to climb and before you even get started you can be like…panting for breath like the altitude is changing on you. Small steps remember; you have just got to be realistic and make a list which works through an order of a list of priority. This will help you feel like you are in control rather than everything remaining in a mess and being in control of you. …………

Be bold, be free.

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