EMC3 Chairman & Entrepreneur BabaJallah Epega signs to EpegaMedia


EpegaMedia, who have worked with stalwarts and global brands like Ice T and Coco, Giancarlo Esposito, Gerard Butler, George Michael, Lenny Kravitz, CNN, BAFTA , The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, Rocket Pictures, Graham Moore, Matthew Reeve, Scott Maslen, Patsy Palmer and Donal MacIntyre, are delighted to welcome EMC3 Chairman & Entrepreneur Baba-Jallah Epega to the roster for exclusive international personal publicity representation.

Formative education for Baba was garnered at The King’s School in Canterbury and Queen Mary University in London, and with that solid background, and past work as a mathematician and banker, Baba has nurtured a successful global events company in EMC3, working with such major brand names as Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Cartier, Deutche Bank, the YPO (Young President’s Organization), Virgin and Conde Nast to name just a few. With main offices located in London, Baba has overseen the expansion of EMC3 with another main international outpost based in Lagos, Nigeria, together with satellite offices in the US and the Middle East.

Baba the go to person for Nigeria UK Marketing and knowledge of the thriving Art, Fashion, Music & Film scene in Lagos- pre & post elections, has featured on several media outlets including the BBC, CNN, Arise TV, and the Huffington Post including a number of other high profile online outlets. He is a prolific speaker and has hosted events with and for global conglomorates and special events from Switzerland to Spain to Brazil to the United Arab Emirates along with numerous other international destinations. He is a co-Founder along with the legendary broadcaster Julie Coker of The Richard Coker Foundation (https://richardcokerfoundation.wordpress.com/the-foundation-story/ )

– set up in memory of his cousin the late Film & TV Director Richard Coker-Enahoro – a charity which supports causes in the fight against Sickle Cell Anaemia and offers grants to help the less fortunate into education. Along with his siblings, he is also setting up The Ib Adoki-Epega Memorial Foundation : to honour the memory of his late mother who lost her life in a road accident – this charity will support causes that promote safety in travel and care in accident and emergency.

Currently based between the UK and Nigeria, he continues to forge ahead with global growth plans for the business, and generating a positive force in the world of business.



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Baba on CNN : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Xf4Jne7QVU
Visit : http://www.emc3.eu  : Follow Baba  @BabaJallah

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