Our James Bond Exclusive

London was brought to a standstilll during the shooting of the 24th James Bond movie, Spectre.  The city’s famous landmarks -Trafalgar Square, The Mall, Whitehall – were all shut down to the public. Daniel Craig was spotted shooting a scene, which went on till late night on Sunday, near Admiralty Arch in London with fellow thespian Ralph Fiennes.

The night shoot of Spectre was captured by onlookers near the Westminster bridge, which was shut from 11pm to 5am. The recent shoot began from 7pm in the evening and went on till 4am.

Sony certainly backed the right horse when it picked up the rights to distribute James Bond movies, ahead of the Daniel Craig-headlined reboot of the series. Sony has co-produced with MGM and released Casino Royale, Quantum Of Solace and Skyfall thus far. The last of those three is the most successful 007 movie of all time, breaking $1bn at the global box office.

The studio has high hopes for the now-in-production Spectre. However, once Spectre is released and out in the world, then Sony’s deal is up. The rights to distribute James Bond movies are back up for grabs.

The studio’s new chief, Tom Rothman, admitted to Variety that “sure we’re going to compete for [the rights], but let’s be honest, so is everybody in the business. Spectre is going to be great and hopefully we’ll do as good a job as we did on the last one”.

Variety adds that Warner Bros may have an advantage, given the close relationship between its CEO Kevin Tsujihara, and MGM’s Gary Barber.

Does any of this affect us, the paying customers who loyally trot along to our local multiplexes? Not massively, in truth, although Sony was a pivotal part of the decision to take Bond darker and grittier with the Daniel Craig era. It’s certainly been an active and successful partner on the series for the past near-decade.

Watch the trailer here :

Brought to you by the Hollywood London Team

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