HBO Confirms Documentary Lineup For Second Half Of 2015


HBO confirmed its documentaries for the second half of 2015, including a look at the Bolshoi, a view of foreign-policy pundit Richard Holbrooke, and a racially charged fight for justice that won a Sundance Award.

From HBO’s announcement of upcoming documentaries, in chronological order:

TOE TAG PAROLE: TO LIVE AND DIE ON YARD A (debuting Aug. 3) explores the reality of “the other death penalty.” The film visits Yard A at California State Prison, a dedicated yard for men serving life sentences that was created to break the code of violence dominating prison life. The only one of its kind in the United States, this experimental prison yard is free of violence, racial tensions, gang activity and illegal drug and alcohol use. Directed by Academy Award® winners Alan and Susan Raymond (HBO’s “I Am A Promise: The Children of Stanton Elementary School”).
TASHI AND THE MONK (Aug. 17) visits a…

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