Felicity Huffman Cheers Up For New Character In ‘American Crime’ Season 2 – Emmys


Felicity Huffman’s American Crime character, Barb Hanlon, was a tough one for the previous Emmy-winner (Desperate Housewives) to crack. She’s a grieving mother, a bitter ex-wife, and a bit of a racist in John Ridley’s anthology series, which nabbed 10 Emmy nominations, including for Huffman as lead actress in a movie/limited series, as well as for her costar Timothy Hutton, who plays Barb’s ex and with whom Huffman shared several highly-charged scenes. It’s a long way from shooting the series pilot, which Huffman never thought would be picked up by ABC when they were filming in Austin, TX last year. Here, the former Oscar nominee (Transamerica) talks about working with Hutton, the small physical changes she’s willing to make for series creator John Ridley, and hints at her new character for Season 2.

You were cast a week before production on Season 1 started. What was your first…

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