Jayjay Epega Talks PR


Jayjay Epega’s Exclusive interview with Blanck Magazine

content _jayjay Epega DD

Smart, witty and strong- Jayjay Epega is one communications merchant with a lot of experience and results to show. With a lavish littering of high powered celebrities on her CV, Jayjay would rather celebrate her clients’ achievements than agree to spill on word about herself. A typical quality of a good fame maker if you’d ask me but in this rare and exclusive interview, she tells Blanck about her work, her thoughts about the on-going feminist campaign, racism and the discrimination in the industry and world at large. Enjoy.  Words by Franka Chiedu

READ MORE HERE : http://blanckdigital.com/posts/499-blanck-exclusive-communications-guru-jayjay-epega-tells-us-what-to-look-for-in-a-good-publicist-shares-her-thoughts-and-adventures-in-media-feminism-and-the-enduring-legacy-of-racism


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