The William Vintage Advantage : Decades of Style


The William Vintage Advantage : Decades of Style

On a balmy spring evening in London at The Marylebone Hotel, the Luxury Channel enjoyed Champagne cocktails celebrating the launch of the new William Vintage website together with an exclusive chat with the charismatic and wonderfully charming founder William Banks-Blaney known in the fashion industry as  “The Vintage King” ,  a title bestowed on him by the likes of Vogue, The New York Times and Harper’s Bazaar amongst several others.

willvinFounder William Banks Blaney

The venture is so successful and well known, it’s hard to believe that the business has only been going for 5 years.  High profile names that wear and support William Vintage are numerous and include Helena Bonham Carter, Tilda Swinton, Amal Clooney, Gillian Anderson, Victoria Beckham, Emma Thompson, Rachel Zoe, Emilia Fox, Luke Evans, and Douglas Booth.

amal dressAmal Clooney wears 1981 YSL sourced by William Vintage – Image Courtesy WENN

Banks-Blaney comes from a background in interior design, but always had a love for retro, hence the fabulous foray into Vintage clothing.  He certainly does not believe that one has to be dressed top to toe in vintage clothing, but is very much a believer of the idea of working with the 21st century modern woman who may wear a dress from 1968 for an event, but pairs it with Manolos that were bought last week.  He also believes that to enjoy vintage one need not be a stickler for historic detail and is very much a believer in looking for beautiful designs, structure and unique pieces.

Banks-Blaney is proud that he is able to present his collections in the beautiful surroundings of his Marylebone store, “showcasing the clothes in a lovely environment, I want people to have the same experience that they would have visiting an haute couture boutique.  Just because it is vintage, everything does not need to be in mothballs or in a dusty and even dull environment!”

GillyGillian Anderson and Andrea Riseborough in William Vintage

There are some absolutely stunning pieces, which according to Banks –Blaney  are “sourced from Country to Council Estates, to everywhere else in the world that you can imagine”, these include “Mad Men” style dresses from the 1960’s to fabulous red carpet stunners.  Prices range from as little as £300 to as much as £26,000 and more.  Labels include Balmain, Gianni Versace, Alexander McQueen, YSL, Christian Dior, Valentino and Christian Lacroix.

victoria-beckham-shopping-london-10152012-03-435x580Victoria Beckham shops at William Vintage

Bringing classic clothing to the 21st Century by means of the new expanded website, means that William Vintage, has truly now gone global! To take advantage and immerse yourself in decades of style – visit  :

Jayjay Epega is a Media Consultant and Writer, she has contributed editorial to such outlets as CNN,, The Huffington Post, The Luxury Channel and Blanck Magazine amongst several others. For further information please visit :


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