TREVOR WESLEY : Bringing The Cool to Classic

Trevor Wesley :  Bringing the Cool to Classic : – By Jayjay Epega


We are blown away by the infectious and classy tune “Chivalry is Dead” and were excited to get a chance to sit down and talk to the supremely talented Trevor Wesley, who was on a whirlwind visit to London from his native Los Angeles.

For “Chivalry is Dead” Trevor Wesley  teams up with Madonna’s DanceOn (5 Billion network Views) world renowned choreographer Ian Eastwood and famed director Sam Macaroni.

Watch the amazing video  here and enjoy the revealing interview below.

What inspired you to carve out a career in the music business?

Well I always say I didn’t get into music, music got into me.   I never decided to get into music, I just always did it.  I was luckily born with the talent and gift of music, and also married with that my parents were always supportive and you know…. I had a piano growing up and my sister was able to sing and she is also very talented.  I didn’t want to get a regular job.  I started singing professionally in high school – also when I realised I could sing to a girl – it was so powerful  – that was a kind of cool side effect.  My first actual working gig was I think I did a show in Vegas with Wayne Brady.  He had a show “Whose line is it anyway” with Drew Cary and he is really talented guy, so that was a really cool opportunity, he is a master improvisor,  so he would do all these improvs  – it was cool for us to have a different show every night as it kept us on our toes, watching and paying serious attention.

Who are your musical influences?

From Stevie Wonder, Frank Sinatra, Rock and Roll,  a bit of Elvis  – all very cool – they are all living in there in my influences, there are a lot of things that I soak up and don’t realise and create, taking little things that I love and putting it togther and hopefully other people will love it too.  I love Elvis, Nat King Cole for example – people from that era, that was my Mum’s side, my Dad’s side was more Rock and Roll, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, you know…. in LA California where I am from there is a Radio Station – KEarth 101  and they play all the oldies – that influence too, and my radio station was Kiis FM (Los Angeles) a mix of everything, so I grew up with those kind of hits.

Chivary is Dead – what is that title about?

I wrote a song called “Chivalry is Dead” so it became the title track to my project.  I picked that title because all my songs kind of fall under that vibe of the title – you know its very specific  – but inspecific as well beaause “Chivalry is Dead” is a quote and saying that everyone knows, I didn’t  create the saying, it’s just something people say but…. it does not have to be simply about a man doing something for a woman but just being courteous  …you know ….respecting an older person, getting the door, looking out for your neighbor that is all so important to me.

Your video comes across like a showpiece  – it is quite spectacular, is that how you planned it?

That was kind of our intention, to eliminate the typical music viseo kind of detached thing.  As an artist I really want  to represent real music,  immerse people in the music Luckily I worked with Ian Eastwood  – who is really really talented.   He has creativity, he choreographed everything.  I am not solely responsible.  I was a part of the idea but I love the whole thing. I am thankful that people pick that up, and want people to pick up that feeling.

Do you have an album planned?

I do and the album is also called “Chivalry is Dead” and we are really trying to lock in a release date, in the next couple of months – over the summer possibly, we are just gauging things at the moment. 

Are you looking at working with other talent?

I would like people to know my music first,  it’s more impactful that way, so they eventually say.. that’s what he’s good at .. then from that you can find your best collaborators.    It is hard to manoeuvre in the business, you do not initially have so many things under your belt, it’s a tough industry.  People always want something to make themselves bigger, better.   I strive for authenticity in my music, that is what was cool in Ian Eastwood who trusted in me – someone unknown,  the music and my talent, and it was proven to be a success – we have got over 40  million streams! 

When things start moving then I can collaborate, have that chemistry with greatness, learn from the greats.  Luckily I am friends with a lot of talented musicians. As far as artists go it is hard to find because they are also doing their own stuff…..but hopefully it will make sense when it all comes together.  I have authenticity in the music, that is the most important thing to me.  I am growing into my music, it’s a beautiful purpose in this life has a lot to do with patience.  You have to work hard, and I am not a fan of waiting – it is also all about timing.   When the time Is right  it will be the time…you know…. I have to be ready – the chef is not going to turn off the stove  – you have to marinate the food … keep it going…

What is the LA vibe like for you?

Being from LA  it’s a melting pot.  I have a lot of “globalness” if you can call it that, in me.  I am really in a melting pot where everyone wants to be the best.  I also grew up in the movie industry, because my father is a camera man for major movie pictures, so I got to grow up on set in the industry.  I am so thankful to have been able to hold on to caring, that’s what is important – the passion.  I am excited with working with greatness, growing seeing what I can be. 

I am doing a lot of stuff for the love, because I love it.  Really having that discipline of being inspired.  I was signed to Neyo for a while  – got to be in  a room with him, to be able to soak up and observe greatness, being inspired by it all and realised that you have to give back too and be an example to younger people coming up.  It is still the beginning but I have been doing this for so long now.  I have to respect that and soak it in and seeing someone like Neyo  is truly inspirational.   It is all creatively correlated, how you put things together, we are featuring the beauty that is in us,  it is the same type of thing with my music, I want to creat a canvas.

What’s next in the pipeline?

Well…..there’s my plan and there’s God’s plan!  In my plan, I want to put my music out and I want it to be heard.  I want to have visuals so people can see something and feel something with the music and just see where it takes me.  I think its cool to have goals.  I am just thankful I can wake up and make music, it’s cool to create those goals.  I don’t have any expectations because who knows ….I would rather not have too many expectations  … but its good to have a plan!

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