Our Sublime Work/Leisure Trip to Dubai

Just came back from the most aaammmaaaazzziiinnngg trip to Dubai with my lovely team and my colleagues. Can you tell I’m still excited about it!?!?!?! Whilst we were busy working on various projects with Dubai companies, we of course managed to do a few other things which I thought would be nice to share. I thought I would do an insider’s guide / rough guide Dubai styled article, featuring our best hotel, best restaurant, things to do and how to travel there in style as we did.

Hotel Atlantis –

This picture does not do this place justice, in reality it is even more lush. We would like to thank the staff for a great time. The service and rooms overall were impeccable and all I can say is the team will most definitely have to stay here again the next time we visit. Many celebrities choose this as their number one hotel when they are in Dubai. The Kardashian-Jenners, Lewis Hamilton, Gordon Ramsay are to name just a few.

Shopping at the Dubai Mall –

The World’s Best Shopping Experience. Dubai Mall that stands at the feet of the tallest building in the whole world, Burj Khalifa and houses about 1,200 stores and cost around $20 billion to construct. This aquarium is inside the mall and comes with a 270 degree walkthrough tunnel that has been made out of glass and allows for close up views of the aquarium. The aquarium has lunar cycle lightning system which translates into; tank changes its ambience based on the time of the day. On level two of this mall, you will find the Reel Cinemas Movie Megaplex which houses 22 cinemas altogether.

Nobu Restaurant Dubai –

World-renowned Chef Nobu Matsuhisa continues to redefine Japanese cuisine in a contemporary space that mixes traditional and modern Japanese elements. At Atlantis, Nobu infuses his cutting edge style with Arabian influences to create a distinctly urban experience. Incorporating Nobu’s signature dishes as well as new surprises, the menu is complemented by a sushi bar.


Cars –

There’s no other major city in the world quite like Dubai. Located on the Persian Gulf on the edge of the Arabian Desert, the city has transformed from a small outpost to a major international trade centre in a matter of decades. Known as “the shopping capital of the Middle East,” it’s one of the wealthiest cities in the world, and has become a major international tourist destination. With such a high concentration of wealth, Dubai is also home to some of the most mouth-watering supercars on the planet.

Relaxation –

After working with our clients from LA the Hollywood:London team needed a break so we decided to try something different for the weekend. The Al Maha Resort is nestled in a verdant palm oasis, deep within Dubai’s magical dune and desert landscape. Its spas are perfect for relaxing and Al Maha showcases the heritage and architecture of the Bedouins and also offers a sense of desert adventure. They are glamour tents beaming with luxury, a definite must if you want to try something different with the most exquisite food.

Desert Safari Excursion –

To complete our trip we just couldn’t leave without doing this. How cool, we were like kids again and it was just great to round our trip with this. Desert Safari is very special famous and must to do tour in Dubai in which you have an unforgettable real desert safari drive adventure with a traditional arab bedouin campsite visit where you can also enjoy with the camel riding, sand boarding, henna painting , sheesha and a BBQ dinner to finish off


Fykaa Caan

Lifestyle Editor Hollywood: London Magazine.




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