The Unique Sound of Parker Polhill

Hollywood London Magazine

IMG_20180713_222042 (2)

Born and raised in Atlanta, Parker is beginning to make his mark with his beautiful falsetto vocals combined with music videos which have helped him break through the crowded musical landscape with a unique soulful style of his own.

He has organically received an overwhelming international response, which led to a headlining national tour and over 10 million YouTube views. You can watch the official video for his recent single “Wasted”  here: Within Parker’s extremely busy schedule, we got the chance to have a chat and catch up.

Who is Parker, tell me a bit about yourself and where your passion for music started from?

I’m a 22-year-old kid from the ‘Nawf’ side of Atlanta, Georgia. My passion for music began when I was eight years old when my uncle (Uncle Ash) introduced me to creating music. He was in a band and had a small recording set up in his basement…

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