What’s Coming to Netflix in January 2019 — Variety

The holidays might be over, but Netflix has a quick fix for the back-to-work blues. Sing along to your favorite Beatles songs in “Across the Universe” or laugh along with the Joker as he tries to thwart Batman in “The Dark Knight” when both arrive to the streaming platform next month. A couple classics are… via…

Terry-Thomas and His Tragic Final Days

Originally posted on (Travalanche):
The great eccentric British comedian Terry-Thomas (Thomas Terry Hoar Stevens, 1911-1990) was born on July 10. It may shock you (or perhaps not) to know that this quintessential caricature of an upper-crust Englishman was a working class kid, the son of a butcher who was into amateur theatricals. As a teenager,…


#ThrowbackThursday Without doubt one of my most favorite & inspirational features that I worked on. 🙏🏾"THE INCREDIBLE ARTISTIC JOURNEY OF LINCOLN TOWNLEY" – @LincolnTownley @charliesheen – a @LuxuryChannel exclusive.https://t.co/YBqNGAd3zE pic.twitter.com/Df4C41h2ZS — EpegaMedia (@DGirlJay) December 20, 2018

Judge Refuses to Dismiss Harvey Weinstein Sexual Assault Case — Variety

A sexual assault case against Harvey Weinstein will proceed to trial after a New York judge shot down efforts to get the charges thrown out by the indie film mogul’s lawyers. Weinstein’s legal team has accused alleged victims of lying and claims that the D.A.’s office and the police withheld evidence from the grand jury.… via…

#AStarIsBorn | #ActorsOnActors

Lady Gaga on why “Shallow” resonated with so many women: “This is a conversation between a man and a woman, and he actually listens to her… Women want to be heard” #AStarIsBorn | #ActorsOnActors presented by @amazonstudios https://t.co/3dH3gFfsxT pic.twitter.com/eSaBbTSWus — Variety (@Variety) December 4, 2018

Are you That Kind Of Woman?

  "A young GI (#TabHunter) falls in love with a kept woman (the divine #SophiaLoren) on a train to New York." summing up #SidneyLumet 's 1959 movie "THAT KIND OF WOMAN" https://t.co/evqmpWT5wp also featuring the wonderful late @TabHunterDoc https://t.co/mbSHCTGSA3 -a sublime treat! pic.twitter.com/lKiWVrDYXt — Hollywood London (@HollywoodLonTV) December 4, 2018

CNN Vision Programming Highlights – December — CNN Press Room

This month’s programming highlights on CNN International, including shows such as The Circuit, Quest’s World of Wonder and Spirit of Tokyo: The Circuit Tuesday 4th December at 0530 ET/1030 GMT and 1230 ET/ 1730 GMT Wednesday 5th December at 0430 ET/ 0930 GMT This month, The Circuit closes the 2018 Formula One season from… via CNN…