Fifty, But Who’s Counting? New Book, Hailed a “Must Read”, Proves Getting Older & Wiser is….AWESOME!

Already the end of January (Shock Horror) and I still had a list of New Year resolutions to work through. I was given a book to read and review and it started to put life and goals into perspective.

Gaynor Goodchild’s ‘Fifty, But Who’s Counting?’ is a frank, honest and raw account of life after the big five-oh. A unique commentary on humanity, Goodchild shares her wisdom on everything from sex and the menopause to technology, money and religion; wisdom that could only come with her years. It’s bold proof that age is truly just a number; compelling one critic to recently write, “A great little read. Very funny, engaging and easy to relate to. Would certainly recommend to any of you ladies out there!”.


While young people “know everything” and think they’ve seen it all, those over fifty will admit that they still have a lot to learn, but what they do know is based on good, old, hard life experience.

It’s something Gaynor Goodchild sees as a privilege and, in her new book, she shares her insights and wisdom to show that age is a gift that should be embraced.

There’s no other book on the market quite like ‘Fifty, But Who’s Counting?’.


IS TURNING FIFTY REALLY SO BAD? The author of this book – a fifty-five-year-old, pet-loving, independent lady from Dorset – offers a warts-and-all personal account of how her perception of the world has radically changed since entering her fifth decade. Her insights and anecdotes are refreshingly different, shared with honesty, relish and lashings of humour, so much so that you’ll be hooked from the get-go. Having led a colourful life, she has wealth of experiences to offer and her wonderful conversational style cajoles you into thinking you’re chatting with a friend over coffee and cake. She tackles general topics, such as death, money, politics and religion, and delves deep into her own experiences of the chaos caused by the menopause, the ageing process, and the challenges and mind-boggling world of technology.

The advantages of turning fifty – and there are plenty to be had – are shared with her warm and light-hearted charisma, and will undoubtedly offer you much food for thought. If you’re over forty and female, you will find laughter, empathy, comfort and so much more in the author’s quirky observations, regardless of your background. Take a look through the contents page now, using the ‘Look Inside’ feature and be prepared for those sparks of intrigue to start flying and a smile to quickly appear.

“There’s so many advantages to turning fifty, and I sing them loud and proud in this book,” explains the author. “I also wanted to use it to tackle a number of topics usually swept under the rug, such as sex, the menopause, death and women’s roles in society. I am never one to keep my views and opinions to myself, so expect to hear it all!”

Continuing, “I want to challenge the common notion that growing old is some kind of punishment. I firmly believe it’s a big gift we must embrace and look forward to. The book will definitely resonate with other women my age, and I hope a few younger readers will also brave it too, because their clock is ticking!”.

Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Patsy Hallmey comments, “A lovely witty yet thought provoking book that I really enjoyed reading so much so that I’m ordering copies for my friends. It’s a very honest book that really gives the reader an insight into the authors life. I would definitely recommend reading.”

‘Fifty, But Who’s Counting?’ is available now:

A great read and plenty of experiences to relate to- It can be quite daunting approaching 50 when you are in your 40’s but this book helped to make it something to celebrate especially the advantages of turning 50 chapter.

About the Author.

Gaynor enjoys the simplicity of life living by the sea. She is passionate about animals, especially her soulmate who is her German Shepherd dog called Quola.

Gaynor loves reading and is very much inspired by Khalil Gibran’s book called The Prophet and his philosophy of the spiritual being.

Article by Fykaa Caan

Fashion, Lifestyle and Current Affairs Editor.

The Hollywood London Magazine.

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This is For You- A Creative Toolkit for Better Self-Care

As we entered the new year of 2019, I felt like I was reaching a new chapter in my life and there were so many things that I wanted to do.

Now 40 something, I felt positive about the future and wanted to make the most out of the year ahead. Life is beautiful and is a gift and I wanted to do things I hadn’t done for a while, spend time with my kids and find happiness in the smaller simpler things. I was given a book that was in keeping with my new ideology and my quest to cleanse my soul. This is for you – A Creative Toolkit for Better Self-Care and I wanted to share it with you.

this is for you

Ellen Bard, a Chartered Psychologist and Wellness Thought Leader has created a beautiful and interactive journal with 100 ways to take control of your life and make more time for you in the New Year called This is For You.

As I turned the pages, I felt like the book was written just for me.

Why do we often prioritize ourselves last? There are so many excuses we make to justify why we’re prepared to run ourselves ragged looking after others but won’t take five minutes for ourselves. Work Psychologist and Author Ellen M Bard was precisely one of those people, working a 60-hour week as a management consultant before she stepped off the treadmill and decided to change her life for the better. In This Is For You, Ellen Bard shares her science and evidence-based formula of 100 key exercises to help us reframe our priorities and take better care of ourselves. With chapters exploring Body, Mind, Feelings, Relationships, Time, Work, Environment, Creativity and Change, there is something here for everyone so we can pick the themes most resonant for us, and every page contains a fun and original interactive challenge and a new way of viewing our world. I in particularly found the why we fail at taking care of ourselves, your time and the change chapter extremely useful in my trying to understand me.  The book helps to learn how to make ‘a jar of awesome’ where you draw out happy memories every time you have a bad day, or create a morning ritual where you feel energised and grounded.  Alternatively, if it’s a hug you need, experience touch by wrapping your arms around yourself in a loving way, or simply learn to say ‘No’, and identify the drains and radiators in your personal relationships. This Is For You is filled with useful practical exercises that can support you every day. Written by a Chartered Psychologist with 17 years’ experience of successful people consulting, this is a no-nonsense journal that will help you take stock, re-evaluate and give you small self-care steps that will change your life for the better and, most importantly, have lasting results.


Ellen M Bard is a work psychologist, writer and digital nomad. She is on a mission to bring practical, useful and fun development suggestions and personal improvement ideas to those who are long on interest and short on time. Ellen is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychology Society, and registered with the Health Professions Council (HPC) in the UK and as an independent assessment and development professional, puts her 18 years of management consultancy experience to good use with clients in countries in Europe, the Middle East, and South East Asia. She has published papers and spoken on topics including values in the workplace, engagement, the candidate experience in recruitment, psychometric tools, generation Y, and employer branding. She has been featured in the Huffington Post, The Guardian, BBC Radio 4 and the Financial Times – as a thought leader in productivity, and the challenges of work-life balance.

Article by Fykaa Caan

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