Throw Away Your New Year’s Resolutions & Replace It with the Intuition Journal a Daily Companion to Coax You Out of Your Comfort Zone & Unleash Your Innate Power

The Intuition Journal is a consciously designed guide to connect you to your higher wisdom, coax you out of your comfort zone and live more in alignment with your heat-led intentions.

When we act from a place that feels deeply aligned with our core values, we move through life with greater purpose and contentment, making a positive impact on the world and those around us. Author Jo ChunYan of The Intution Journal discovered this for herself during the final year of a chemical engineering and science degree, when a strong pull to study design set her in a direction she couldn’t ignore. Choosing to fully explore these “nudges” led her to move across the world, kick start her own successful graphic design business and become a trained intuition coach.


In The Intuition Journal she shares a range of prompts for self-inquiry in a daily practice tool that you can start at any time in the year. Practical by design, readers are called upon to explore a Daily Intuition Ritual, set their Intention and commit to an Intuitive Action for the Week. The opposing interdependent forces of Yin and Yang energy are woven throughout to create a sense of balance and flow and are used as grounding principles for the seasons and exercises: Structure and discipline (Yang) has been created to hold space for intuition (Yin) to flow.


“Let your intuition set your compass,

then allow your head to plan how you get there.” 
– Jo ChunYan


The Intuition Journal



Nourishing daily rituals to cultivate clarity,

inner wisdom & inspired action

By Jo ChunYan

12th November 2019 | Paperback | £12.99


Lean in to your innate power with The Intuition Journal, a calming daily companion designed to connect you to your higher wisdom, coax you out of your comfort zone and live more in alignment with your heart-led intentions.


Daily intuition practice is considered to be an integral skill for creativity, relationships, communication, problem-solving and leadership.

Engaging with these practices can help to build self-trust, self-acceptance, connection back to the body, greater clarity, balance in energy, stress reduction and the shedding of limiting beliefs.

This consciously designed guide is perfect for anyone seeking increased clarity, growth and flow in their life, and for those excited to begin or deepen their spiritual journey.


Benefits include:

  • Self-trust and authentic decision-making
  • Self-acceptance and the shedding of old habits and limiting beliefs
  • Deepened intuitive skills and heightened creativity
  • Learning to balance strength and work with your energy
  • Stress reduction and connecting back to the body

Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey and Nicolas Tesla are among the many high-profile people who have recognised intuition as a key factor in the success of their life-changing work – and now you can harness this innate power, too!

About Jo ChunYan

Jo ChunYan


Author/designer Jo ChunYan is a trained intuition coach, who is dedicated to helping people explore the art of listening to their inner wisdom, setting powerfully aligned goals and taking transformative action. Following her own intuition has changed everything for her – it ignited her spirit. Since then, she has carved out invaluable space to embrace intuition in her everyday life. She consciously weaves it into every aspect of her work so that it connects to people on an energetic level. Jo has cultivated a loyal, engaged social media following. For more info, go Jo is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Article by Fykaa Caan

Fashion, Lifestyle & Affairs Editor Hollywood London Magazine.

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