Nadia Finer’s Shy and Mighty meets Jay Jay Epega

JayJay Epega on the conversation with

David Bowie that changed her life.

I went to the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and my last semester I did an internship with a PR company called Levine Communications working for a gentleman called Michael Levine. I had planned to become a diplomat, but when Michael offered me a job in his London office I took it!

I worked as an assistant to a gentleman called Alan Edwards, who at the time managed a lot of talent like, David Bowie, Janet Jackson, some legal stuff for George Michael. This experience threw me into the deep ender accounts, working with big names. But he also gave me that discipline and appreciation for the business.

I was really fortunate cause I’ve got to know a lot of the media and how it worked at the top end. Because it’s kind of honed in a skill in me where I had to learn to deal with all kinds of people… and lots of demanding people and also what wonderful, wonderful talents, which has helped me with my career to this day.


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