Six Steps to Self-Confidence: New Book Helps Readers “Win the Morning” and “Win the Day”!

Danny Greeves’ ‘Six Steps to Self-Confidence: Build confidence. Express yourself. Have fun’ calls on the author’s experience as a physiotherapist, hypnotherapist and coach – empowering readers to make small changes to their morning routine, for huge results. Showcasing just six simple morning activities that can change readers’ entire lives, it’s no wonder the book has been received with acclaim. One critic wrote, “If you want to achieve better productivity, get things done and gain confidence in the process this book is most definitely for you. Danny offers straightforward advice in a few easy steps to follow. My biggest take from the book is the Circle of Life which literally changed my life!”

When Danny Greeves gets up, he leaps out of bed oozing with confidence, optimism and a clear idea of what he is going to achieve that day. It all begins with an hour practicing his powerful ‘Six Steps to Self-Confidence’ model.

It’s a model Greeves developed to help his own life after struggling with anxiety and low self-esteem, and it calls on his wealth of experience as a coach, hypnotherapist and physiotherapist. Now, he is sharing it with the world.

‘Six Steps to Self-Confidence: Build confidence. Express yourself. Have fun’ asks just one thing of its readers; spend an hour a day implementing what the book teaches. That’s it –The results are lifelong and beyond most readers’ wildest dreams.


Did you know that there are six simple morning activities that can not only change your day, but your entire life? 

Learn the formula for living as the highest version of yourself, resulting in increased self-confidence, freedom and emotional wellbeing.

If you feel you’re not naturally confident, you could be stuck forever dreaming; the person you want to be always beyond your reach. Starting your day off in the wrong way can affect your confidence on every level, and cause you to be unfocused and inconsistent.

But what if genuine confidence could be learned and practiced? Even better, what if it could be learned using methods that exercise both brain and body, and that could be tailored to your unique life circumstances?

The good news is that it can.

Professional coach Danny Greeves has made self-confidence his mission. Six Steps to Self-Confidence is the sum of his journey, research, and one-on-one coaching. He’s developed a practical morning routine that anyone can use. By dedicating less than one hour of your day to his strategy, you too can nurture and grow true self-confidence, improving your physical and mental wellbeing.

Want to look in the mirror and smile about who you are?

“I absolutely practice what I teach,” explains the author. “I struggled for years with low self-confidence, until one day I had an experience which showed me the power of my subconscious mind, and it catapulted me on my journey to discovering the secrets to lifelong, genuine confidence. I’ve condensed it all down into a six-step process, and it’s here for the taking.”

Continuing, “Anyone can change their life for the better, and experience how the power of self-confidence transforms your mindset and positively affects every facet of your life. Reviews from around the world have been extremely positive, and I’m so pleased to be changing lives.”

Indeed, reviews have been glowing. Laura writes, “This book is simply brilliant. I’m lucky to be part of the advanced copy review team so have had chance to read it and start implementing the steps. Up until now, I would usually describe myself as a night owl but now there’s no excuse – who knew there was so much time available that many of us stumble through unwittingly?! Well written and thoroughly researched, I really can’t recommend this highly enough to anyone who wants to make simple, positive changes that are enjoyable and sustainable.”

Hilde adds, “I was lucky enough to be part of the advanced copy review team and had a chance to read it already. It’s an easy read with lots of brilliant tips and tricks to improve your self-confidence. Written from his own experiences, the book is very relatable and it’s very impressive how he changed the course of his life completely. It’s a real eye-opener, a definite must-read if you want to grow towards a happy and fulfilling life. Highly recommended!”

‘Six Steps to Self-Confidence: Build confidence. Express yourself. Have fun’ is available now:

About the Author:

Danny Greeves’ entire life changed within an hour.  He had been struggling with low self-confidence until, one day, he experienced the power of his subconscious mind.  Since that moment, he has been on a journey to discover the best ways of developing genuine, lasting self-confidence.  An experienced confidence coach, qualified physiotherapist specialising in applied neuroscience therapy, and trained hypnotherapist, Danny has a 360° perspective on physical and mental wellbeing.

Despite the advanced nature of his research and understanding, Danny is well-known for his light-hearted, relatable, empathetic approach.  He has spoken and presented at major venues including ExCel London and the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, discussing the workings of the human mind.  He is the author of Six Steps to Self-Confidence and a regular contributor to pioneering wellbeing advocates Thrive Global.


Book Review by Dr Fykaa Caan

This is a book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading and could actually see myself in different parts of Danny’s journey. It was a very personal account of what had happened in his life; which the writing appreciated even more as it allowed readers to connect to each experience and topic and learn. The book is a guide for personal development which explained the importance of exercise and mediation well and in depth for beginners to understand.

There was a section which discussed how everything in your life that has happened was meant to happen that way. I found myself grasping hold of this and will use it as an affirmation because I felt the analogy immediately gives you a sense of becoming lighter and making peace with your past. The six-step programme is great and helps overcome challenges and assists in applying tools in your life as well as the 10 areas in the circle of life. In order to find out all about them, you will need to buy the book.

Article by Dr Fykaa Caan

Fashion, Lifestyle and Current Affairs Editor The Hollywood London Magazine.

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