It takes 21 days to form a new habit.. let’s make Being Positive our next one

Absolutely loving these and making it a point to write down something daily. With everything that’s gone on this past year, it’s sometimes difficult to see the positives. The Positive Day Planner is a 21-day gratitude-practicing, affirmation affirming, self-commitment measuring, and mind-dumping essential, that helps you create a more positive habit, one day at a time.

The Positive Day Planner was established by Leanne Pero, breast cancer survivor and founder of The Leanne Pero Foundation and Black Women Rising, who used positivitiy and journalling to help her after going through cancer. “I put the Positive Day Planner together after cancer. Writing down what I was grateful for, my hopes and wishes for the future, planning the day ahead really helped settle some of the anxieties. It’s a place where you can create your own happiness, because we are in control of that.

The Positive Day Planner is available in 5 different styles, including a limited edition Breast Cancer Awareness Month Planner, where 40% of profits go to Breast Cancer Charities. 

The Positive Day Planner has also launched a 30-day Mini Gratitude Journal in 2 styles, a Wish Bracelet, and a Rose Quartz Crystal.

All products are available at from £3. 

Dr Fykaa Caan

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