Book Review – Original Aphorisms Capture Wit and Wisdom of the Human Condition

When reality bites, now you can bite back with a clever quip, ruminate on a poignant thought or simply relish the comedic irony of the human condition with the refreshingly honest observations in Reality (can be OK, but mostly it) Bites. This collection of 400 original aphorisms, laugh-out-loud one-liners, and other intellectually and linguistically titillating nuggets zero in on humans being themselves in politics, sex, love, marriage, family, economics, youth, old age and more.

Author Gordon Hutchison’s unsparing yet playful pronouncements on people and life run the gamut from whimsical to provocative to downright irreverent, with seductive verbal twists and turns offering insights, entertainment and, if you’re frustrated with the mess the world is in, the comfort of knowing you’re not alone.

Reality (can be OK, but mostly it) Bites serves up plenty of food for thought for writers, speakers and other presenters, and makes the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates straight talk in a not-so-straight world, experience-driven life tips, and a laugh or two just for the hell of it.

Andrew Frothingham, co-editor of And I Quote, calls it, “The perfect book for this moment in time. One of those rare, rewarding works you can dip into wherever, whenever, and come away smiling and maybe a bit more edified.”

Kirkus Reviews takes a different approach: “Hutchison captures poignant thoughts that will stick with readers and offer launching points for deeper reflection — a feature of the aphorism that’s most difficult for writers to capture.”

If you need help connecting with an audience, sounding smarter to your friends or just making it through another day, Reality (can be OK, but mostly it) Bites gives you plenty to chew on.

Human nature: “To know a man, find his motives. To control him, find his pleasures.”

Beauty: “Beauty is as beauty does, and it’s not always pretty.”

Whimsical wordplay: “Is narcissism its own reward?”

If author Gordon Hutchison is qualified for anything, it is perhaps opining on the human experience — by drawing on his own. After earning a BA in Psychology and Religion from Duke in 1971, he hitchhiked America for four years, punctuated by stints in Germany and the Virgin Islands, before landing in Japan in 1975. He spent the last three years of the ’70s at a Zen monastery, ending up close friends with a rural yakuza godfather and his gang, and working as a doorman at a major cabaret during the same period. (His first book, Gangsters, Geishas, Monks & Me , chronicles this unique immersion course in Japanese culture.) Next came specializing in Japanese folk religions at Sophia Graduate School of International Studies, teaching Hatha yoga in Japanese and logging 24 years as a copywriter — five at the world’s largest ad agency and the rest at his own creative boutique. He returned to the U.S. in 2005 as a single father — the joys and sorrows of four marriages and divorces salted away for reference — and currently lives with his 18-year-old son, Evan, in Cary, North Carolina.

Reality (can be OK, but mostly it) Bites: A collection of original aphorisms and other philosophical fragments with teeth

Publisher: White River Press

Release Date: April 12, 2021

ISBN-10: 1-887043-90-X

PRINT ISBN-13: 978-1887043908
EBOOK ISBN-13: 978-18870343915

Available from, Ingram Books and other online retailers

“This book had me chuckling at parts and I found it very relatable and a great read”. (Dr Fykaa Caan)

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