Tyson Fury Launches New Creator’s App MY AAA 

MY AAA is a brand new and responsibly minded content creators’ app backed by the lineal world heavyweight champion of the world, Tyson Fury. Launching 30th September, just ahead of the British boxer’s mouth-watering trilogy fight in Las Vegas with Deontay Wilder.


The app is a subscription social network that looks to build stronger connections between content creators and their audiences. For a monthly fee, the app allows unbridled behind the scenes access to all of your favourite musicians, podcasters, sports stars, celebrities, artists, actors and many more figures from the fitness, fashion and beauty industries. What’s more, as the app is subscription based, it means content can be more closely monitored.  

Says Tyson of the app, “Mental health is very important to me and I’ve expressed my concerns about existing social media platforms quite openly. When this project came along, it seemed like the perfect way for me to have an enjoyable social media experience with my REAL supporters. I know it’s something a lot of people like me will really benefit from.”

MY AAA is where anyone from the worlds of celebrity, sport, music, fashion, beauty, art or film post their very best content, directly for their subscribers. Whether previewing new music, tutorial videos, courses, PDFs, or even just behind-the-scenes access, MY AAA allows them to monetize their best content. All users are signed up with payment links and verified, meaning there is no anonymous trolling, no explicit content, and no risk to a creator’s brand. 

Charismatic two-time world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury will be launching the app with tons of exclusive behind-the-scenes content after his third fight with Deontay Wilder.  He is someone who prides himself on his connection with his followers. During lockdown, he live-streamed his own private home workout sessions as a way to keep people motivated, and constantly shares positive thoughts that uplift anyone suffering from the same sort of mental health issues that he has in the past. 

The Directors of MY AAA add, “With all the recent documented trolling and abuse on social media, it was really important for us to make this an enjoyable experience for the creators on the platform. It’s social media without the nonsense. Having millions of followers on Instagram is great but you are at the mercy of the platform and you can’t really control the experience of your audience. You can with AAA.”

Content Creators are carefully selected and invited to use the platform by the AAA team. Key content creator focused features include chargeable messaging, subscriber insight and metrics and live support from dedicated account managers. “Our goal is to ensure users can be sure that their monthly subscription gets access to the very best content.

MY AAA Is here to make social media a better place for both creators and their audiences.

Fykaa Caan

Senior Fashion, Lifestyle & Current Affairs Editor The Hollywood London Magazine

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