Kiss the Ground and Ian Somerhalder Celebrate the 1 Year Milestone of the Award-Winning Netflix Documentary

Kiss the Ground, the game-changing documentary narrated by Woody Harrelson, starring Gisele, Tom Brady, Ian Somerhalder, Patricia & David Arquette, Farmer Gabe Brown, Jason Mraz captivated audiences with its simple, hopeful, attainable approach to addressing climate change by rebuilding healthy soil.

Kiss the Ground Netflix

The milestone is being celebrated with 100 Regenerative Ag Training Scholarships, for farmers and ranchers who seek to transition from conventional to regenerative practices and a new DIY movie Screening Kit for advocates and activists to spread the word about regenerative agriculture as a climate change solution. 

Ian Somerhalder

“What makes the film so epic,” said Ryland Engelhart, Film Producer and Executive Director of Kiss the Ground, “is to see the massive jump in global awareness around the potential of Regenerative Agriculture in just one year. Large scale farms and ranches are changing their approach to agriculture as a result of seeing a movie. This was the dream of creating content that could transform hearts and minds. We are excited for where this momentum will go, especially as citizens, businesses and policy makers start to align around regeneration as the goal,” he said. 

Ryland Engelhart

“I’m blown away by the transformative effect of the film. In one year, we’re seeing millions of acres of farmland becoming regenerative!  We’re on our way to healing mother earth through the regenerative movement” declares actor, director and activist Ian Somerhalder.

How the regenerative agriculture movement has grown in just one year:

·  Land area conversions from conventional to regenerative agriculture have reached an all-time high. Prior to the film, Gabe Brown, the rancher highlighted in the movie, has grown from managing 4500 acres to now consulting and guiding farmers on 22 million acres transitioning to regenerative ag. 

·  Policy changes.  The UK made a dramatic shift in farming subsidies — with funds going toward restoration of wild habitats, creation of new woodlands, boosting soils and cutting pesticide versus subsidizing fallow farmland. In the US, a growing body of legislators are learning about the benefits of regenerative agriculture as a solution to climate change. 

·  Increasing access to regenerative knowledge with over hundreds of scholarships awarded this year to create Soil Advocates among low-income, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and those from developing countries, veterans, single parents and COVID impacted. 

·  Regeneration for the future. 

The National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) released a Kiss the Ground movie curriculum along with a free 45-minute long school version of the film to over 250,000 science teachers. For the first time, “drawdown,” “carbon biosequestration,” and “regeneration” are being taught in schools as part of an NSTA curriculum.

o Over 15,000 schools and educators have received free access to the film and the corresponding educational materials, intended specifically for classroom instruction, representing around 360,000 students.

The film has reached a global audience in the millions and is subtitled in 25 languages and being played in 40 countries around the world. 

Regenerative Training Scholarships

Kiss The Ground is excited to offer Regenerative Training Scholarships for farmers and ranchers seeking to transition their land management, and gain foundational knowledge on soil health and regenerative farming and ranching. By applying for this scholarship, farmers and ranchers will receive free, one-year access to Soil Health Academy’s Regenerative Agriculture 101 online course. 

This training, taught by the world-renowned teaching cadre, will educate farmers and ranchers on how to increase profitability, build resiliency into their land, decrease input costs, and improve the nutrient density and the marketability of the agricultural products they produce. We seek to equip both current and future generations of regenerative farmers and ranchers with technical advice, best practices, and strategies to successfully regenerate soil and create a resilient and profitable operation. By educating farmers and ranchers on the value of a holistic food system, this course will reveal the unique potential they can each contribute to the evolution of our agricultural system.

About Kiss the Ground

Kiss the Ground is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit on a mission to awaken people to the possibilities of regeneration. We inspire participation in the regenerative movement through media, communications, education, workshops, immersive programming, and advocacy. Since 2013, Kiss the Ground has created societal awareness around the extraordinary potential of healthy soil, educating and activating millions around regeneration.

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