Underground -40th Anniversary 

An authentic British brand that was born out of a renegade style and still maintains that independent and fearless attitude 40 years on. 

2021 marks the 40th Anniversary of Underground and they are marking that with a series of events and collaborations that celebrate not only their authenticity and core values but their ability to adapt to change and diversity. 

For their 40-year anniversary Underground has produced in print from around the world. From Dazed in London to Vogue in Japan, from Sort Magazine to Sicky. The authentic characteristics of the brand and its products help to maintain Underground on the stylist and press contact lists.

Over the 40 year we have seen Underground featured in print around the world. From the venerated titles such a Vogue and Dazed to the new cutting-edge titles such as Sicky and Noctis and a whole spread of independent magazines, we have seen Underground in print from London to Tokyo, Shanghai, Berlin, Stockholm, New York and around the world.

Find them on Facebook,  Instagram and subscribe to their You Tube channel for more exclusive content and interviews.

The Hollywood London Magazine

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