Grilled Octopus at Massis

Lebanese food is something that should be on everyone’s radar. There’s not many eating experiences than can match the diversity and excitement in discovering the new and exotic tastesit offers. Thankfully, in London, you won’t need to struggle to find a restaurant specialising in the best of Lebanon’s traditional food.

We were delighted to discover Massis Lebanese Grill and Bar, covienently located within a spacious, and well placed venue, which was moments from the bustling landmark Paddington Station. The simple yet treat filled menu provides you with the highlights of an exquisite selection of well known Lebanese dishes, which you can enjoy while relaxing in the comfortable surroundings.

The food we tried, was full of fresh flavours and textures, Lebanese food is more than just tabbouleh and baklava! From hummus and fattoush to falafel and couscous with almonds they are all truly a reflection of Lebanon’s varied history and influence by it’s neighbouring countries. Some of our other selection included the Kafta Massis, Garlic Prawns, all served with rice, we also tried , the Grilled Octopus (pictured) which was a surprising delight. To top it all, the service was prompt and attentive. We will be looking to make another visit, and what a perfect location it would also be for any type of celebration. Thank you Massis … see you soon!

Review by Jayjay Epega : Entertainment + Lifestyle :

Massis Lebanese Grill & Bar | Lebanese Restaurant | Paddington, London
Massis Lebanese Grill & Bar Paddington : /


Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery
Located in: Paddington Central
Address: 9 Sheldon Square, London W2 6HY

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