Learn How to Live Intentionally With Enough – (Time Enjoyed Slowly, Choices made Intentionally and Life Lived Gracefully

Despite what the media may tell us, we are not what we buy, what we own, or what we achieve. So why is it so hard to break the cycle of clutter and chaos?

Enough Watkins/Penguin Random House; £16.99/$19.95; 9781786785657) is a guide to living a slowed life down.

In this gorgeous hardback, Jessica Rose Williams shares her personal transformation, and shows how you can live an intuitive, minimal life in your own style. Her work has been in Cosmopolitan91 MagazineForbesRefinery 29Project Calm magazine and Psychologies.

Alongside practical tips for lifestyle changes and journalling prompts, Jessica delves into the importance of finding what works best for the individual, rather than following a one-size-fits-all ‘quick fix’ formula that so many of us have gotten used to.

A really enjoyable read which allows you to really delve into yourself and your life, giving examples of how you can eliminate stress and make your life lighter mentally, financially, in our time, friendships, your surroundings, belongings and physically. So many tips to implement in the learning to love ourselvesand most definitely a book that will be pulled out again and again. – Review by The Hollywood London Magazine.

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