Set the Scene for your Special Day with Lights4Fun

Make the most of precious time this summer as you come together and celebrate with loved ones. Whether it’s intimate gatherings or grand celebrations, create memories that’ll be cherished forever. Lighting is the perfect way to create a magical atmosphere throughout your venue so whether it’s in a barn or marquee, you’ll be able to rejoice and reconnect with friends and family. From the aisle to the after party, set the scene for your special day!

Create the perfect setting and adorn your venue with the glow of warm white decorative lights. Shine a light on open beams by simply swagging connectable festoon lights overhead, moving each string back and forth across your space to create a twinkly canopy. “Connectable lights are the ideal way to create the perfect length to light up your celebration. Simply daisy-chain each string together from one power source to create a magical ambience throughout the entire venue” says Amy Mason, Director of Product at Lights4fun.

For the perfect finishing touch layer TruGlow® candles along your tables to create an intimate feeling as your guests sit down. Intertwine a garland amongst the candles to elevate your décor
even further to create a serene setting when your guests come to enjoy their meal. Finally, place large lanterns in and around your venue to add a touch of warmth at floor level. This will create a magical glow all around, setting the perfect ambience for an occasion worth celebrating.

The Hollywood London Magazine

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