Making Money For You

New Book Helps Beginners Make Sound Investments on a Budget

Are you broke before payday? Are you tired of always having to look at price tags? Magnus Carter aims to teach readers the tools and tactics of fiscal responsibility and financial independence through his concise, easy-to-understand new book, Making More Money for You! Mutual Fund Investing on a Budget for Beginners.

In the book, Carter helps readers create a budget; introduces financials facts and terminology; explains the basics of investing; offers options for the reader to determine his/her own investing path; and provides step-by-step instructions for investing in mutual funds — regardless of income level.

This informative guide aims to help readers discover:

– How to make more money than they ever thought possible;

– Why “retiring at 70” is a myth and how to leave behind the 9-to-5 in the next 12 to 24 months;

– Valuable skills and tools for a dream life without money worries;  

– Why millionaires don’t play by the rules most people have been taught;

– How to plan a secure future for oneself and family;

And much more.

Never has planning for the expected been more top of mind than it is right now. Carter hopes to help readers understand that investing even small amounts of money can make the future a little bit brighter.

“You will be able to slowly grow a big balance through investing in a small fund or ‘seed,’” Carter says. “This will only grow with time, and the best day to plant a seed is now.”

Dr Fykaa Caan- “In today’s current climate this book was a great godsend for a lot of people. As I made my way through the chapters, I really found them useful and informative. It broke things down in a simple easy to understand manner and explains the technology, terminology and jargon for you to use the knowledge per your situation. Magnus has definitely accomplished what he envisioned and it feels like a comfortable friendly chat with a focus to provide the information to someone just as if he was talking to them over coffee. Making money for you is an insightful and great read. Everyone goes through a phase in their lives where they feel like they are stuck and want to get the life they so desperately dream of. What comes across throughout this book is that Magnus cares about you and your life and wants you to have the most amazing , financially stress free future. I will be sure to refer back to the chapters regularly”.

About the Author

Magnus Carter has been in the workforce since he was 12 years old, having been taught that through hard work, he could achieve anything in life. At 21, Carter was working at a diner in New York City when he struck up a conversation with a gentleman whose upscale lifestyle he admired. The information Carter learned from that conversation sparked a fire in his soul and forever changed his outlook on life. He learned that making money wasn’t the only thing he needed to do: the money he made had to make money as well. After retiring early, Carter chose to help others live their lives with fewer financial worries through his effective investment strategies.

Making More Money for YOU! Mutual Fund Investing on a Budget for Beginners

Publisher: Legendary Products & Services, LLC

ISBN-10: ‎1956376011

ISBN-13: ‎978-1956376012

Available from, and other online retailers  

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