Australia’s Miracle Haircare Brand for Longer, Stronger and Healthier Hair is Fast Becoming a Best Seller

Australian made professional haircare BondiBoostUK is now available at Boots UK

Each BondiBoost™ formula contains carefully selected essential oils and antioxidant ingredients to effectively cleanse each strand of hair, whilst depositing powerful ingredients directly to the scalp, to maximise strength, length and reduce breakage for thicker, longer-looking hair.

Some Tips:

What are the tell-tale signs that your scalp is in need of some TLC? 

“The most common issues would be itchy, dry, flaky or oily. This could start at the nap of the neck and behind the ears. This can be from not washing the scalp enough or over washing the scalp. Having a weekly hair routine can prevent most scalp and hair concerns.” 

How important is it for us to take care of our scalps and why? 

“Super important – Our scalp is the breathing ground for healthy hair. Keeping the scalp healthy will ensure we have healthy hair. Our scalp is skin and we tend to forget about it. Just like our face we have to make sure we keep it clean and hydrated. Using gentle products like BondiBoost will help aid the condition of the scalp over time. One of my favourite ingredients that we use across our full range is Aloe vera. It is the main base in most of our products and its super soothing on the scalp. Over time with continues use you will see amazing results on the scalp and hair.”

5 healthy scalp tips for happier & healthier hair 

Prevention is better than cure – Make sure to have a good hair routine 

1.        “Exfoliate the scalp once a fortnight or once a month depending on hair and scalp concerns. Use the pink sea salt scrub to reset the scalp and scrub away any product build-up or dead skin. The BondiBoost Pink Himalayan Detox Scalp Scrub acts as an exfoliant and the green coffee bean is a great antioxidant.”

2.         “Always make sure the scalp is moisturised. We tend to forget to moisturise our scalps. Using a pre-treatment oil before washing once a week will plump up the skin and leave the scalp feeling amazing. This in turn will leave your hair feeling shiny and strong. I use the BondiBoost Elixir Hair Oil as a pre-shampoo. Elixir Oil has Jamaican Black castor oil to help with thinning hair whilst adding moisture. If you wanted something lighter add a few drops of oil to the BondiBoost Miracle Mask and apply directly on the scalp through to the ends.

3.         “Always using heat protectant before applying heat to your hair. The BondiBoost Heat Protect Spray, which I refer to as a ‘protein shake’ in a bottle, has Hydrolysed Wheat Quinoa that can help penetrate damaged cuticle layers to strengthen the hair from within. It also had Seaweed Extract which helps to further rebuild and strengthen the hair. “

4.         “Making sure to use the correct products for your hair type. Not all products are made the same and not all products suit every hair type. Getting professional advice is a good way to make sure you are using the correct hair products for your hair and scalp concerns.”

5.         “Keep your routine simple so you stick to it. Consistency is the key to healthy scalp and hair. Especially if you have ageing hair. Something simple like using the BondiBoost Procapil Hair Tonic everyday on the scalp can help reduce the aging process of the hair” .

These products are amazing they make your locks look noticeably shiny and healthier, at the same time working their magic to grow your hair at the same time.

The Hollywood London Magazine

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