Replace Shop Bought Bottled Water with ZeroWater

Save Money and Save the Environment with Great Tasting Water

About ZeroWater

The ZeroWater Filtration System has a mission of delivering the best filtration possible to consumers through its premium 5-stage ion exchange filter which removes virtually all total dissolved solids (TDS). 

No other filter pitcher or dispenser makes this claim. By removing virtually all TDS, ZeroWater is the only gravity-fed filtration system to match the TDS levels found in Purified Bottled Water. 

Figuring out which water brand to purchase in the shops can be difficult, if not outright impossible since they all imply to offer the same high-quality, clean and fresh spring water. For decades, people have been led to believe that the neatly packaged water bottles at the store are a much healthier alternative to tap water, but is that true?

While tap water does contain chlorine (used to disinfect and sanitise) and may contain leftover solids from the public water system, that doesn’t make it undrinkable for humans. It just means it needs a more rigorous filtering system to take on the containments in the water. The UK is fixated with single-use water bottles, with 7.7 billion water bottles sold each year. If consumers want the purest-tasting water, then it is time to filter tap water and save money and the planet together.

ZeroWater filters work tirelessly to provide you with your very own, at-home water filtering system, designed to create the purest-tasting tap water, and help you save money in the process.

Each month, buying bottled water for yourself and your family costs an awful lot. It’s recommended that healthy adults drink two litres of water a day, which amounts to roughly £2 if you buy bottled water. Per month, that’s nearly £60. Per year that is £720 literally down the drain.

For decades now, people have been going along with this simply on the belief that they didn’t have an alternative and that doesn’t automatically mean you should be spending sixty pounds a month on bottled water.

The ZeroWater filter uses a complex process to remove virtually all dissolved solids (99.6%) from your tap water. That is almost as twice as many as other leading brands.

The ZeroWater filter is equipped with a layer of activated carbon and oxidation reduction alloy, which strips away the chlorine from your tap water, and removes that unpleasant disinfectant taste.

Next, begins the Ion Exchange stage. Here, the ZeroWater filter removes dissolved solids that may have found their way into your water by accident, but also components that may have leaked from old pipes including Aluminium, Lead, and Zinc.

The next three stages of the water purifying process focus on the complete removal of any other contaminants that may be present in tap water and make the purest tasting tap water.

The ZeroWater filter helps you save a lot of money on drinking water. A 500 ml bottle of water costs roughly 50p, though it can reach much more for fancier, premium brands. Essentially, you are paying more for those appealing bottle designs with a picture of a mountain or a spring on them.

Per day that means roughly £2 per person, and per month, that’s £60. Just for still, no-frills bottled water.

With the ZeroWater filter500 ml of water costs around 8p. This means an overall 32p for the required two daily litres of water. So, you’re paying less on your entire daily water, with the ZeroWater filter, than you would on a single 500 ml storebought bottle.

With ZeroWater you could be saving up to £1.68 per person per day, that is, over £50 per month, and £600 per year. If a family of four buys bottles of water daily, Zerowater will save 4 times as much, a staggering £2400 per year, compared to bottled water.

ZeroWater is perfect to refill reusable bottles up, whether on a day out, at work, or at school. Using ZeroWater with a reusable bottle helps reduce single-use plastics and reduces plastic waste. Think about it – for every bottle, it keeps you from buying reusable bottles and reduces your plastic waste score a little bit more. It also saves you 42p and creates pure and affordable drinking water.

ZeroWater filters help you reduce buying single-use plastic water bottles and save money from expensive buying bottled water.

The ZeroWater 7-cup water filter costs £29.99 from

The Hollywood London Magazine team is becoming more conscious of recycling and environmental waste and the effects this is having. We are so impressed with how this is environmentally friendly, the savings on each filter, the taste, and the ease of use. We will now be having one of these as a staple piece in the kitchen.

A must-try!!!

The Hollywood London Magazine

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