Multiple Grammy Award-winning groups and German Superstar; Pietro Lombardi, Wear Bomber Jackets from Trending Label FABA 

For the current season of the German cult show Pietro Lombardi, the German superstar singer and the winner of season 8 of Deutschland sucht den Superstar, is working with Californian artist Ane Howard, who designed several eco-friendly jackets for him under her label “FABA,” which stands for Fashion Art by Ane.

Pietro Lombardi wearing the FLAG bomber jacket. Photo: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

Pietro will be seen wearing the bomber jackets during the current season. Pietro will also wear all-over print matching t-shirts from the FABA collection. The bomber jackets are made of different materials, all of which have been produced in an eco-friendly manner and comply with the highest quality standards. The art-to-wear jackets can be purchased exclusively today via the artist’s online boutique at an accessible price.  

Ane’s ecofashion bomber jackets have also been worn by Grammy award-winning winners capella group Pentatonix and will be featured in an upcoming video; Aquaria, an artist best known for winning the tenth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race in 2018,

They have all purchased her bomber jackets, including Pietro Lombardi, the German superstar singer and the winner of season 8 of American Idol German Affiliate, who is now working with her to design several eco-friendly jackets for him under her label FABA, for this season of Deutschland sucht den Superstar and will be wearing the bomber jackets for photo opportunities, whilst judging and performing.

The Bomber Jackets created for Pietro were inspired by the following artwork:

-Urgan Garden

-The Flock, Flag

-Rising with the Wave

– Blue Note.


For Men and Women – Ane has also designed a women’s collection of featured jackets with a closer-to-the-body fit than the men’s.

About FABA:

Fashion Art by Ane is a luxury online art-to-wear boutique run by California-based visual artist Ane Howard.

Self-taught artist and eco-fashion designer Ane Howard describes her works as “the expression of ideas and emotions sourced directly from my life and the culture I live in and a reflection of my personal growth.” Ane uses different mediums to express what she sees and feels, be it art on canvas or art as fashion, Art to Wear. Fine Art by Ane art gallery is dedicated to making art in its many forms accessible to all, be it an original painting or exclusive fashion.

Launched in Southern. California, in 2021, it received national and international recognition as the destination site for exclusive gifts and art collectors.

Ane offers her original artwork, art prints, and eco-friendly art-to-wear clothing, all designed by the California artist.

The jackets are available via the following links:

For Men at

For Women at

For this summer and Fall of 2023,  she is designing an animal print collection. Here is a first peek at….. 

Men’s Bomber Jacket Rainbow LIMITED EDITION

Men’s Bomber Jacket The Flock Limited Edition.

Men’s Bomber Jacket Flag LIMITED EDITION


Men’s Bomber jacket blue Note Limited Edition

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