Matt Bomer to bring back classic Hollywood with Montgomery Clift

Montgomery Clift was a prolific film actor in the ’50s and early 60s who starred in classic films like The Heiress, Red River, From Here to Eternity and Judgment at Nuremberg, and was one of Elizabeth Taylor’s best friends, before his death from a heart attack in July 1966 at the young age of 45.  They starred together in 1951’s “A Place in the Sun” and the 1957 Civil War epic “Raintree County”.
Clift was one of Hollywood’s most well-known male stars during his prime, starting in theaters and then moving to the big screen. Over the course of his career, he earned four Oscar nominations. But his personal life was tumultuous, even as his professional one was on the rise. He struggled with his sexual orientation and developed a drug and alcohol addiction after a car accident left his face partially paralyzed.
Actor Matt Bomer is all set to portray legendary actor Montgomery Clift in a new biopic.  The 37-year-old will play the film icon in a new HBO biopic, “Monty Clift”.

Ira Sachs and Mauricio Zacharias, who penned the 2014 feature “Love Is Strange”, starring John Lithgow and Alfred Molina, will be the script-writers of the film.  This isn’t the first time that Bomer has teamed with HBO for an original movie. Last year, he played Felix Turner in the network’s The Normal Heart, which chronicles the rise of AIDS in New York. The small screen film earned critical acclaim after its premiere in May, winning the Emmy for Outstanding TV Film. Bomer himself also earned high praise for his individual performance. He was nominated for an Emmy for Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Movie last year and earned a second nod for the role at 2015’s Golden Globes.

The biopic will focus on Clift’s longtime relationship with Elizabeth Taylor.   Bomer, has been married to Simon Halls since 2011 and is a father to 3 children.

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Back With A Vengeance

Kevin Spacey’s ruthless Frank Underwood,  schemed and backstabbed his way from Congress to the Oval Office last season.

But there’s a reason the show is called “House of Cards.” Even as newly sworn President Underwood, his grip on power will no doubt remain precarious.

“You want to know what takes real courage?” he asks in the new trailer for Season 3 of Netflix’s hit drama “House of Cards,” coming next month. “Holding it all together when the stakes are this high.”

We see grim-faced administration officials reacting to some sort of crisis, a fleet of police cars with sirens blaring and a glimpse of hacker-informant Gavin, one of a handful of people who possess knowledge that could bring down the Underwoods.

 We also learn that Claire Underwood may know more about her husband’s clandestine criminal activity than she’s been letting on.

“We’re murderers, Francis,” she says in what appears to be a rare display of self-doubt.

“We’re survivors,” he responds in that oily Southern drawl that reminds you why Spacey won Best Actor in a TV Drama at the 2015 Golden Globes!

Netflix will release all 13 episodes of the new season February 27.

Loving the New!


Loving the new with Fykaa Caan : LifeStyle & Social Affairs Editor
Hollywood : London Magazine

New things
Change is refreshing, so my advice to all of you is to do something different at least once a month. I personally have incorporated a wish list of things that I haven’t done, would like to do and make time to do them. They do not have to be purse and card breaking but even if it’s something new and small from experience the feeling of satisfaction and taking control back helps make people feel like they have a new sense of satisfaction.

Enjoy Life
Live life to the max, In terms of a relationship breakup help yourself see the positive side by treating yourself to do all the things you like but your partner didn’t this will remind you of what you were giving up during the relationship and what you have now gained.
Treat yourself when you have finished a task as this will help train your brain to want to complete tasks and see them through

We all want to live happy and fulfilling lives and we want the people we love to be happy too. So happiness matters to all of us. Happiness is about our lives as a whole; it includes the fluctuating feelings we experience everyday but also our overall satisfaction with life. It is influenced by our genes, upbringing and our external circumstances – such as our health, our work and our financial situation. But crucially it is also heavily influenced by our choices – our inner attitudes, how we approach our relationships, our personal values and our sense of purpose
Emotional wellbeing is not the absence of emotions, but it is your ability to understand the value of your emotions and use them to move your life forward in positive directions. A useful definition of emotional wellbeing is offered by the Mental Health Foundation: ‘A positive sense of wellbeing which enables an individual to be able to function in society and meet the demands of everyday life; people in good mental health have the ability to recover effectively from illness, change or misfortune.’
Everyday emotional well-being also involves identifying, building upon, and operating from your strengths rather than focusing on fixing problems or weaknesses. The better you are able to master your emotions, the greater your capacity to enjoy life, cope with stress, and focus on important personal priorities.
What kind of benefits can you expect?
Some benefits of gaining greater emotional well-being include knowing that your needs are important and that you deserve to have a life where you feel happy and secure. As you achieve emotional balance, you are able to identify your heart’s desires, take positive action, and make changes in your life.
With emotional well-being, you can experience:
o Healing – from stress, anxiety, depression, grief, and other issues
o Change – to transform unhelpful patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving
o Self-confidence – as you gain trust and belief in yourself
o Growth – to live more authentically
Leave worry, stress, and despair behind as you learn to lead your life with vision, inspired action, and an inner state of creativity. Emotional freedom is your ability to connect with your body and utilise emotions, feelings, senses, and intuition to guide you into an empowered alignment with purpose.
The key to a happy and healthy life
The years of childhood, adolescence, young adulthood and then in to adulthood are ones of upheaval, change, and growth. How you meet the challenges of these years will to some extent determine your future life. Learning the skills needed to handle emotional problems will give you a foundation of mental and emotional health. Emotional health has many aspects. Put simply, it is based on self-esteem-how you feel about yourself-and behaviour that is appropriate and healthy. Someone who is emotionally healthy:
o Understands and adapts to change
o Copes with stress
o Has a positive self-concept
o Has the ability to love and care for others
o Can act independently to meet his or her own needs

Everyone, including people who are emotionally healthy have problems. Emotionally healthy people are able to adjust to and solve problems, and in doing so they help others as well as themselves to get satisfaction out of life.

Building your emotional wellbeing
There is more to building emotional wellness than just mastering your daily moods. Observe your daily RESPONSE or REACTIONS to life. It speaks volumes of your emotional health. You will come to know if you are building a life or a hell to your personal well-being and future. It is like a deep well. When the water is clean, it gives life to everyone who drinks from it. When the water becomes toxic overtime, it is not only hazardous to everyone’s health but also corrodes the well overtime beyond repair.
Building emotional wellness is a commitment to listening and becoming fully aware of what is going on inside you in relation to your physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being. It involves observing your actions or reactions and tracing its causes or roots deep within you to finding your underlying unhappiness. You follow the feelings of your reactions and feel deep within you as you ask intently why you behave and feel the way you do. Such an approach to building emotional wellness is intense, demands alertness and a keen awareness of your thoughts and feelings.

New material from Noel Gallagher




Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds will release ‘Ballad Of The Mighty I’ on February 23. The track is the second single to be released from the highly anticipated second album, ‘Chasing Yesterday’, due for release the following week on March 2.

‘Ballad Of The Mighty I’ is the emotional closer of the new record and features Johnny Marr on guitar alongside Noel.

“I tried to get him to play on the last album but it never happened,” said Gallagher. “So when I put this track together and knew he would be perfect for it I called him and asked if I could send him the rough mix. He said: ‘No, I don’t want to hear it. I’m just going to react to it on the day.’ He didn’t even want any pointers. Well, that was brave of him. He just arrived with two guitars and a bag of effects pedals. And I have to say, he’s unbelievable. He’s way up there, on another level to the rest of us. The result is a burst of energy that helped make Mighty I one of the best songs I’ve ever written.”
Watch the video here:
The single will include B side ‘Revolution Song’ and will be released digitally and on 7″, with a limited edition coloured vinyl available exclusively via

‘Ballad Of The Mighty I’ will be available to download and the 7” available to pre order on January 13th. ‘Revolution Song’ will be available from February 23rd.

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds will embark on a headline tour starting March 3rd, playing arena dates across the UK and Ireland, culminating with a show at London’s O2 Arena on March 10. Following these dates the band will play a headline show at The Royal Albert Hall for Teenage Cancer Trust on March 28.

2015 tour dates as follows:

03/03 : Belfast Odyssey Arena

04/03 : Dublin 3 Arena

06/03 : Nottingham Capital FM Arena

07/03 : Glasgow The SSE Hydro

09/03 : Manchester Arena

10/03 : London The O2 Arena

28/03 : London Royal Albert Hall (Teenage Cancer Trust)


Exclusive : Dinner at The Golden Globes

Hollywood London takes you exclusively inside the dining experience at The Golden Globes

It is one of the most glitziest nights in Hollywood and The Beverly Hilton is at the center of it all. The 72nd annual Golden Globe Awards takes over hotel’s International Ballroom on January 11 and the whole world will be watching Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Robert Downey Jr. and more A-listers toast their artistic achievements over Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage 2004 and an over-the-top, three-course meal from The Beverly Hilton’s executive chef, Troy N. Thompson, and executive pastry chef, Thomas Henzi.

What will 1,300 of Hollywood’s most elite members be eating? Thompson aims to dazzle their taste buds with a dinner that includes a modern take on the classic Waldorf salad with a lemon emulsion dressing; an entrée duo of roasted onion-marinated filet mignon and slow-baked Arctic char with a potato croquette, heirloom cherries and tomato fondue, topped with a black Tuscan kale chip; followed by a dessert trio of cassis lemon cheesecake, chocolate alliance salted caramel, and hazelnut dacquoise.

This is Thompson’s first Golden Globe ceremony at The Beverly Hilton, though the property itself has hosted the event for 40 consecutive years. He joined the all-star culinary team in August — the first time in 18 years a new executive chef has been brought into the role at the luxury hotel. No pressure, right? Some pressing questions were put to him !

What was your inspiration for the Golden Globes menu?
It’s so exciting to create a dish that is delicious and enjoyed by the top stars in Hollywood. We work hard to make something that is not only delicious, but also something that everyone can enjoy. I was inspired by the fresh, local produce in California as well as the glamour of this extraordinary event. I wanted to create a menu that offers exciting yet balanced flavors and is as extraordinary as the awards ceremony itself.

Your Inside Look At The Golden Globe Awards Dinner - Forbes Travel Guide

Why did you choose the Waldorf salad to kick off the meal?
Not only is The Beverly Hilton’s modern Waldorf salad a new take on a fantastic classic American recipe, but it is also my way of welcoming our future neighbor just across the street — the [2017-opening] Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills. I feel like this dish is a really nice way to showcase the fresh produce we always use here at The Beverly Hilton, and our great relationships with the farmers who grow it. I’m excited to use this premier product on such a special occasion. This dish is also a light way to start the evening, which is a long and food-filled one, including many after-parties at The Beverly Hilton. I lead our team of more than 40 chefs to create meals for more than 6,000 guests throughout the course of the day and evening.

How does it feel to create a dinner for 1,300 of Hollywood’s elite?
It is an honor for me to lead our team through this incredible celebration of the best of Hollywood. At The Beverly Hilton, we prepare all year to host the Golden Globes and we’re so thrilled to bring the culinary offerings at The Beverly Hilton to a global stage.

Which ingredients were you most passionate about incorporating into the dinner?
The Beverly Hilton is proud to source fresh ingredients locally, and this year we’re working with some great local partners: 40 pounds of herbs from Kenter Canyon Farms in Ventura, California; 200 pounds each of baby romaine and black Tuscan kale from Scarborough Farms in Oxnard, California; 1,300 pounds of Yukon gold potatoes from Weiser Family Farms in Ventura, California.

Outside of awards season, what other dish can’t people get enough of at The Beverly Hilton?
The Beverly Hilton Burger — 100 percent certified Angus beef, brioche bun, white cheddar, arugula, tomato, bacon and chipotle aioli.

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