Screen King Ramsey Nouah Talks 76


Ramsey Nouah is African acting royalty,   one of the best known, most popular and much loved actors.  His father is Israeli and his mother is from Nigeria.  In 2010 he won the African Movie Academy Award for Best Actor in a Lead Role.
He is the star of the new landmark Nigerian international movie “76”, where he plays the lead role of the charismatic ‘Captain Joseph Dewa’, a soldier who is accused of involvement in the military Coup of 1976 which ended up with the assassination of the President – General Murtala Mohammed.  This ground-breaking suspense thriller,  is being taken to international markets inluding Toronto Film Festival and also the BFI’s London Film Festival.  This is great international exposure for the picture and the role has been one that Nouah has cherished.

Go exclusively  behind the Scenes of 76 – The Movie :

Q & A
1. 76 is different, impactful. What personally drew you to take part in the project?

The story and the character – Story: It’s one of Nigeria’s history that needed to be told.
Character: I admire soldiers and have always wanted to depict it in our movies. I find the character  endearing, narrating the travails of a soldier and the pains of his loved ones.


2. What were your memories if any…or what did you know about this turbulent time in Nigera’s history? 

I was six years old at the time, so no memories but stories from people that came in close contact with the incident, and I find the stories compelling for history.


3. What were the challenges you faced shooting the movie, also on the other side….. the best experiences you had filming?

It’s a period piece set in the year 1976.

(a) We had problems getting the military attire that was used at the time, we searched unendingly…. only to find a few.
(b) Principal photography of the production was scheduled to end in one month, it ended in six months.
(c) We shot blind on celluloid, we couldn’t preview all we were filming due to the digital security checks at the airports, it will wipe off the contents on the film, because the film rushes had to be sent out of the country every three days to be washed and sent back to us before we could preview.
(d) We (Actors) were drilled for two months like true soldiers in the military barracks, so as to get us in a military state of mind.
(e) In the end we were like one family. Many of my colleagues celebrated their birthdays on set
(f) It was also of great pride that all cast and crew were indigenous and we could pull through a production with such magnitude.

4. How do you feel the elements of love and heritage are covered in the film?

Love and Heritage is a strong theme in ’76, which lately is lacking in humanity and the director strongly painted a perfect picture to bring to light those values to the viewers.


5. How do you feel about love and heritage  in your own life?

Being an African Actor and a public figure, people are naturally endeared towards me, so I use this platform to reach out in various ways I canm either in a personal or humanitarian way.

6. Why should people see this movie?

(a) It’s entertaining
(b) It’s informative
(c) It’s our history


ARTICLE BY :  Jayjay Epega

Thank you to Hollywood London Team :

Gordon Radley / Fykaa Caan

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